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  • Why are there different Kolganov balls?
    Basically the balls are categorized according to use and strength.
  • Does the Kolganov sphere require electricity?
    No, no electricity is necessary.
  • There is an expiration date/shelf life
    No, the Kolganov ball works for life.
  • Are there phases in which the Kolganov ball does not work or pauses?
    No, the Kolganov ball works permanently, uninterrupted.
  • Can I combine the Kolganov sphere with other systems?
    Yes, the Kolganov sphere works synergistically with all systems.
  • Does the effect of the Kolganov sphere go through walls or does it just stay in space?
    Yes, matter is not an obstacle.
  • Does cell phone/Wi-Fi reception deteriorate if pathogenic radiation is blocked?"
    No, any type of wireless connection remains in the usual quality.
  • Which Kolganov sphere do I need?
    The Kolganov ball energy card: going for a walk, shopping, vacation and much more. The Kolganov sphere single sphere: bedroom, car, caravan, truck. The Kolganov sphere double sphere: small apartments in rural areas. The Kolganov sphere double sphere large: house, apartment, small apartments in big cities. The Kolganov sphere oscillator: houses with several families, workplaces, concert halls, shopping centers, cinemas, schools, institutes, and much more.
  • Is the Kolganov ball suitable for cars or is it better to switch to other systems? Where should you best place them?
    The Kolganov ball is ideal for the car, unbreakable and suitable for transport. The Kolganov ball eliminates (filters) electrosmog and negative energy and at the same time provides positive energy (other systems simply repel pathogenic radiation again and again). This means you can drive more relaxed, more restfully and safely. In addition, the device has the special property of immediately absorbing the resulting negative energy in the event of a car accident, thereby protecting you from serious consequential damage. Installation locations: glove compartment, trunk, back seat.
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